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San Francisco, 1961

San Francisco, 1961

In the early 1960s, I lived communally with other young SFAI artists in the Primalon Roller Rink, above Tree’s Pool Hall on Filmore Street.

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Wallpaper Statement part 1

Wallpaper Statement part 1

I woke up one morning in 2002 with a ripe stream-of-consciousness Artist Statement burning in my brain, and it wanted to come out – right now. My...

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Wallpaper Statement part 3

Wallpaper Statement part 3

In painting, I had discovered a "profession" that suited my dependencies. That is to say, if I became an artist, it was partly because it fitted my...

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Choose a work by this modern master.

“Let five decades of work stand upon its character as upon a foundation; and let the artist’s process in these series reflect the many and fanciful additaments and ornaments that create and intensify the illusion of the real.”

– Ronald Davis, 2013

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