December 1 – 30, 2022 – 


David Richard Gallery presented Optical, Shaped and Color Abstractions, Paintings: 1963 – 1965 by Ronald Davis in December, 2022 in his first solo exhibition with the Gallery and first solo exhibition in New York since the presentation of his 1960s Monochrome Paintings at Franklin Parrasch Gallery in 2010.

Ronald Davis - First Double Diamond, 1965 - David Richard GalleryThis presentation featured eight early hard-edge abstract paintings (1963 to 1965), all acrylic on canvas, most made in San Francisco or Pasadena, CA studios; and four drawings in ink or graphite on mylar or paper (1966, 1975 and 1977). The works together show Davis’s early study of and fascination with perspective, illusory space and opticality.  Davis stated, “I set up tensions in my paintings: between the flatness of the canvas and the illusion of the depicted abstract objects; between the painterly and the hard edge; between color and color; between light and shadow. These paintings attempt to probe the dimensions of time and space, while not existing in time at all, the whole artwork being viewable in an instant.”


– From the exhibition notes by David-Richard Gallery