Artist, geometrician, abstract illusionist

Artist, Geometrician,
Abstract Illusionist

Essay by Dave Hickey - Ronald Davis is not doing what you're seeing

“The figure-ground relationship between the painting and the wall was intensified when these paintings began to skew off the rectangle. It was intensified further with Davis’ illusionary excavations into the center of the painting and into the ground supplied by the wall…This fiat allowed art to conquer the room…” – Dave Hickey
From the catalog accompanying the Untitled. Art Fair exhibition of Ronald Davis works during Miami Basel, December 2015

“My work is comprised of aggressively decorative, meaningless, unidentified floating objects that pretend to be rational. Illusion is my vehicle. Opticality is paramount.…Even though I, like DuChamp, reintroduced perspective illusion – the illusions of objects into my paintings – the objects themselves remain abstract and non-referential.” – Ron Davis
On the occasion of J. Paul Getty Center’s 2011 initiative and exhibition,

Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980

Ronald Davis in the studio, 2010