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Pixeldust, pigment, plastic, paper

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Sphere Ronald Davis

Pixeldust 2016-2020

Beginning with the artist’s digital creative tools, a photon’s mass is ultimately converted into a molecule of pigment (“Pixeldust”).

Staurolite III, 2012 - Ronald Davis

Pixeldust 2014-2016

Particles of light energy (photons) are rendered as Pixeldust in a digital composition and viewed at the speed of light.

Upright Dodecagon XII, 2012

Pixeldust 2012-2013

Pixeldust images can be viewed on electronic devices like computers, iPads, smartphones. Or they can be printed on a substrate.

Pixeldust 2011

Viewed on a digital screen, the image is not a reproduction: it is as much a work of art as it is when printed on aluminum. 

DCI - Axle and Wheels Ron

Pixeldust 2001

First “Pixeldust” output from Digital Color Imaging, Akron, Ohio.

Ron Davis Coffee Cup - computer print 13 x 19

Pixeldust computer prints

Early pixeldust computer prints, ca. 1980s – 2000s. Most are 13 x 19, unframed, on gloss photo paper.

Blue Quad Lean Ronald Davis

Squares - PVC

The Painting As Object: Squares series. Golden acrylics on constructed square forms built from expanded PVC plastic.

Razzle Dazzle Lean, 2009 Ronald Davis

Shaped paintings - PVC

Painting As Object: Shaped series. Golden acrylics on constructed forms built from expanded PVC plastic.

Ron Davis - A Round Square - glass

Pixeldust under glass

Small glass Pixeldust compositions. Hanging hardware included.

Ron Davis postcard - A Large Slab

Pixeldust “postcards”

Small Pixeldust works on metal or glass.

Ron Davis glass block Mazzochio Too 2018

Pixeldust blocks

Small, glossy acrylic glass blocks to hang, stand, or lay flat.

Ron Davis - All The Presidents' Rooms

All The Presidents’ Rooms

Surreal vignettes of each of the U.S. Presidents, through #44, Barack Obama. Pixeldust on aluminum. Full set or individuals.

Ron Davis - Gemini print - Triangle Slice

Gemini G.E.L. prints

“Founded in 1966, Gemini G.E.L. is an artists’ workshop and publisher of fine-art limited edition prints and sculptures.”

Wasserman screen print Ronald Davis Upright Vee Angle Slabs

Wasserman silkscreens

Large prints in limited editions, still a few available.

Ronald Davis Watercolor


Rare, unusual watercolors of the 1980s and 1990s.

Ron Davis sculpture - Aspen Glissando 1990s


Sculptures utilizing wood and mineral forms found in northern New Mexico. Circa 1990s.

Ron Davis, Glass Top Dodecagon - acetate

Older work

Rare legacy prints, drawings, paintings. A very few large 1960s resin and fiberglass pieces.

Ronald Davis - Music Series - painting on paper 1983

Music Series

Abstract expressionist works of the 1980s, on canvas and on paper.



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“Let five decades of work stand upon its character as upon a foundation; and let the artist’s process in these series reflect the many and fanciful additaments and ornaments that create and intensify the illusion of the real.”

– Ronald Davis, 2013

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